Big Battery

This is a multi-block structure intended for storing absurdly large amounts of RF energy. It is built pretty much exactyl the same way as a Big Reactor, with minor differences (i.e. energy I/O only on top, electrode behaviour)

It is shaped like a cuboid with minimal dimensions being 5x3x3 blocks (width, height, depth) and maximum being 32x32x32 blocks

The base building block is the Battery Wall which can be used for all sides, top and bottom of the multiblock.

The nest block is the Battery Controller. There can only be one Controller per structure, placed only on any wall.

Battery Glass is just a decorative version of the Wall, but can only be used on the walls.

The Battery Power Tap and Battery Electrode blocks work in conjunction. the Power Tap enables input and output of energy as well as limiting the flow. It can only be placed on the top of the structure. By sneak+RightClicking on the Power Tap with an empty hand you can toggle the flow direction (a - sign indicates output, + indicates input) The Tap must have at least one Electrode directly beneath it. Note, that you need two Power Tap + Electrode columns for the battery to be actually functional.

The Electrode enables increasing the maximum I/O rate for the Power Tap. Every side of an Electrode block, that touches an electrolyte liquid source block increases the I/O rate by 2500 RF per tick.

The battery should be filled with Electrolyte liquid source blocks. The battery's total capacity is calculated by the choice and amount of electrolyte.

Electrolyte liquid capacity multiplier
destabilized redstone 75 000 000 RF/block
resonant ender 100 000 000 RF/block
sulfurousacid 150 000 000 RF/block

Here's a view of the minimal size Big Battery with Glass on one wall, revealing the two electrodes and one Block of Sulfurous Acid:

For a video tutorial of how the Big Battery works, check out the spotlight by BrinkTheGamer: