RF Meter

This is the block form of an item present in Thermal Expansion (Multimeter), with some ComputerCraft and/or OpenComputers magic on top of it.

The Meter stores its values when picked up and can be zeroed out by putting it through a crafting grid.

RightClicking the Meter with a dye changes the display colors With no OC attached to the Meter it runs in its default state - measures the total flow of energy and the average flow per second sneak+RightClicking with an empty hand changes the direction of energy flow (This causes it to act like a valve if you're using Buildcraft's Kinetic Pipes)

Connecting it to an Open Computer, enables much more functionalities. Below is a list of the functions the Meter gives to OC:

Note: [, password:string] and [, oldPassword:string] are only required if a password is set on the Meter at the moment. Also, all the functions with :bool return true if successful.

Function Description
setPassword(password:string [, oldPassword:string]):bool Sets a password or changes the old one.
removePassword(password:string):bool Removes the set password.
setName(name:string [, password:string]):bool Sets a name for the Meter (e.g "Reactor Output", "Workshop", etc.)
getName():string Returns the currently set name of the Meter.
getAvg():number Returns the average energy flow over the last second.
setOn([password:string]):bool Enables energy flow.
setOff([password:string]):bool Blocks energy flow.
setEnergyCounter(value:int [, password:string]):bool Sets the lower value on the Meter(total energy flow.).
getCounterMode():string Returns the current work mode of the Meter. Possible values are counter and prepaid.
setCounterMode(type:bool [, password:string]):bool Sets the work mode of the Meter. Passing true sets counter mode, false sets prepaid mode.
getCounterValue():number Returns the lower value of the Meter (total energy flow)
canEnergyFlow():bool Returns true if the Meter allows energy flow.
setLimitPerTick(limit:int [, password:string]):bool Sets the max RF/tick rate Setting it to 0 removes the limit.
changeFlowDirection([password:string]):bool Changes energy flow direction.

Pictured below is the simplest use case for the RF Meter (Note that when using BC Pipes you need the pulling kinesis pipe (Wooden or Emerald) on the output end of the Meter).